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HP Spectre 15ap PG03XL Battery

  • Battery Type: Li-ion;
  • Voltage:11.55V;
  • Capacity:65Wh/5680mAh.
  • Compatible P/N: PG03XL PGO3XL 831532-422 HSTNN-LB7C TPN-Q168 831758-005 831532-421 3ICP4/78/122.
  • Compatible Models: For HP Spectre X360 15-AP011DX 15-AP000NA 15-AP000NF 15-AP000NX 15-AP001NF 15-AP001NX 15-AP002NF 15-AP002NG 15-AP003NF 15-AP003NG 15-AP004NA 15-AP004NF 15-AP004NG 15-AP005NA 15-AP005NF 15-AP006NG 15-AP007NA 15-AP007ND 15-AP010NA 15-AP012DX 15-AP070NZ 15-AP090NZ Series.
  • Quality: Grade A cells mitigate the risk of battery leakage and maximize output stability. Built-in circuit protection, enhances safety of usage and extends battery life.
SKU: HP-2165

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Replace Part Numbers:

Hp 831532-421, 831532-422, 831532-442, 831731-850, 831758-005, HSTNN-LB7C, L48430-2C1, PG03XL, PG03064XL, PG03064XL-PL, TPN-Q168

Fit Laptop Models:

Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0001ne, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0003nq, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0005nj, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0006nl, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0021ur, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0038nl, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0042TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0043TX, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0046nr, Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0243TX, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0004ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0006np, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0009ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-DK0011LA, PAVILION GAMING 15-DK0042NL, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0051wm, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0068wm, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0082nf, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0146tx, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0156ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0174ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0201ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0204ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0205ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0300ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0311ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0358ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0400ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0620ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0730ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0740nd, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0740ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0760nd, Spectre 15-AP000NA, Spectre 15-AP000NF, Spectre 15-AP000NX, Spectre 15-AP001NF, Spectre 15-AP001NX, Spectre 15-AP002NF, Spectre 15-AP002NG, Spectre 15-AP003NF, Spectre 15-AP003NG, Spectre 15-AP004NA, Spectre 15-AP004NF, Spectre 15-AP004NG, Spectre 15-AP005NA, Spectre 15-AP005NF, Spectre 15-AP006NG, Spectre 15-AP007NA, Spectre 15-AP007ND, Spectre 15-AP010NA, Spectre 15-AP070NZ, Spectre 15-AP090NZ, Spectre x360 15 ap011dx, Spectre X360 15 ap011dx Convertible, SPECTRE X360 15-AP0XX, Spectre x360 15-ap000, Spectre x360 15-ap000na, Spectre x360 15-ap000nf, Spectre x360 15-ap000nx, Spectre x360 15-ap001nf, Spectre x360 15-ap001nx, Spectre x360 15-ap002nf, Spectre x360 15-ap002ng, Spectre x360 15-ap003nf, Spectre x360 15-ap003ng, Spectre x360 15-ap004na, Spectre x360 15-ap004nf, Spectre x360 15-ap004ng, Spectre x360 15-ap005na, Spectre x360 15-ap005nf, Spectre x360 15-ap006ng, Spectre x360 15-ap007na, Spectre x360 15-ap007nd, SPECTRE X360 15-AP010CA, Spectre x360 15-ap010na, Spectre x360 15-ap011dx, Spectre x360 15-ap012dx, Spectre X360 15-ap012na, SPECTRE X360 15-AP018CA, SPECTRE X360 15-AP052NR, SPECTRE X360 15-AP062NR, Spectre X360 15-ap063nr, Spectre x360 15-ap070nz, Spectre x360 15-ap090nz, Spectre x360 15t-ap000, Spectre x360 15t-ap000 CTO






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