VENTION ACBG0 1 in 2 Out HDMI Splitter (Gold color)

KSh 3,350.00 excl. VAT

  • Meet the ideas of dual synchronous display, one computer or IP Set-Top Box connect with two display devices at the same time, realize audio visual synchronization
  • High definition and smooth 4K*2K picture display, it reach 4K*2K resolution criteria after going through process and distribution.
  • Two screens display at the same time
  • High-definition picture quality
  • One-to-two audio and video synchronization
  • 4K high-definition 3D vision
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  • Vention HDMI 1 Input 2 Output Splitter support 4k*2k HD distribution, Anti interference dissipate heat, One-divided-two Audio visual synchronization, High activity processing Carefree transmission
  • Designer Inspiration, rectangular square design, smooth edge, simple texture of metal materials, more charming digital breath
  • More convenient one-divide-two interface, extend one more HDMI HD interface can connect with projection or television devices simultaneously, to save the trouble that reconnect after each replacement