Hp ENVY 4-1000 ENVY 4T-1000 Series EL04XL HSTNN-IB3R 52Wh Original Laptop Battery In Nairobi

  • Type Li-ion
  • Voltage 52 Wh ( 3400 mAh ) / 3500 mAh
  • Capacity 14.8 V
  • Size 205.50 x 121.00 x 7.00 mm
  • Color Black
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • HP:
    EL04, EL04XL, ELO4XL, TPN-C102, HSTNN-IB3R, 681879-1C1,
    681949-001, HSTNN-UB3R, 681879-171, 681879-541
  • Compatible Laptop :
    HP ENVY 4-1000 SERIES
SKU: HP-2158

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  • Warranty 1 year
  • Free 30-Day returns

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Replace The Following Part Number:

  • 681879-121, 681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, 681949-541, EL04052XL, EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

Five protection functions to laptops: Overcharge, Over-discharge, Short-circuit, Overload, Thermal cut-off

Compatibility Laptop Models:
For Hp:

  • ENVPR4 I5-3317U, ENVY 4 Series, ENVY 4-1000, Envy 4-1000ea, Envy 4-1000EN, Envy 4-1000et, Envy 4-1000sa, Envy 4-1000sg, Envy 4-1000sn, Envy 4-1000ST, Envy 4-1001ET, Envy 4-1001st, ENVY 4-1001TU, ENVY 4-1001tx, ENVY 4-1002TU, ENVY 4-1002TX, ENVY 4-1003tu, ENVY 4-1003TX, ENVY 4-1004TU, ENVY 4-1004TX, ENVY 4-1005TU, ENVY 4-1005TX, ENVY 4-1005XX, Envy 4-1006TU, ENVY 4-1006TX, ENVY 4-1007TU, ENVY 4-1007TX, ENVY 4-1008TU, ENVY 4-1008TX, ENVY 4-1009TU, ENVY 4-1009tx, Envy 4-1010EA, Envy 4-1010ED, Envy 4-1010en, Envy 4-1010es, Envy 4-1010EW, Envy 4-1010SA, Envy 4-1010sd, Envy 4-1010SN, Envy 4-1010SS, ENVY 4-1010SW, ENVY 4-1010tu, ENVY 4-1010TX, Envy 4-1010US, Envy 4-1011ED, Envy 4-1011SD, ENVY 4-1011TU, ENVY 4-1011TX, ENVY 4-1012TU, ENVY 4-1012TX, ENVY 4-1013TU, ENVY 4-1013tx, ENVY 4-1014tu, ENVY 4-1014tx, ENVY 4-1015DX, ENVY 4-1015tu, ENVY 4-1015tx, Envy 4-1016NR, ENVY 4-1016TU, ENVY 4-1016TX, Envy 4-1017NR, ENVY 4-1017TU, ENVY 4-1017TX, ENVY 4-1018tu, ENVY 4-1018TX, ENVY 4-1019TU, ENVY 4-1019TX, Envy 4-1019WM, Envy 4-1020EA, Envy 4-1020eb, Envy 4-1020EN, Envy 4-1020ES, Envy 4-1020EW, Envy 4-1020SA, Envy 4-1020sb, Envy 4-1020SN, Envy 4-1020SS, Envy 4-1020SW, ENVY 4-1020tu, ENVY 4-1020TX, ENVY 4-1021tu, ENVY 4-1021TX, ENVY 4-1022TU, ENVY 4-1022TX, ENVY 4-1023tu, ENVY 4-1023TX, ENVY 4-1024tu, ENVY 4-1024TX, ENVY 4-1025tu, ENVY 4-1025TX, ENVY 4-1026TU, ENVY 4-1026TX, ENVY 4-1027TX, ENVY 4-1028TU, ENVY 4-1028TX, ENVY 4-1029TU, ENVY 4-1029TX, ENVY 4-1030CA, Envy 4-1030ed, Envy 4-1030EN, Envy 4-1030sd, Envy 4-1030sn, Envy 4-1030ss, ENVY 4-1030TU, ENVY 4-1030tx, Envy 4-1030US, ENVY 4-1031TU, ENVY 4-1031TX, ENVY 4-1032TU, ENVY 4-1032TX, ENVY 4-1033TU, ENVY 4-1033TX, ENVY 4-1034TU, ENVY 4-1034TX, Envy 4-1035sg, ENVY 4-1035TU, ENVY 4-1035tx, ENVY 4-1036TU, ENVY 4-1036TX, ENVY 4-1037TU, ENVY 4-1037TX, Envy 4-1038NR, ENVY 4-1038TU, ENVY 4-1038TX, ENVY 4-1039TU, ENVY 4-1039TX, ENVY 4-1040LA, Envy 4-1040ss, ENVY 4-1040TU, ENVY 4-1040TX, ENVY 4-1041TU, ENVY 4-1041TX, ENVY 4-1042TU, ENVY 4-1042TX, ENVY 4-1043CL, Envy 4-1043TU, Envy 4-1043TX, Envy 4-1044TU, Envy 4-1044TX, Envy 4-1045TU, Envy 4-1045TX, Envy 4-1046TU, Envy 4-1046TX, Envy 4-1047TU, Envy 4-1047TX, Envy 4-1048TU, Envy 4-1048TX, Envy 4-1049TU, Envy 4-1049TX, Envy 4-1050BR, Envy 4-1050CA, Envy 4-1050ER, Envy 4-1050LA, Envy 4-1050TU, Envy 4-1050TX, Envy 4-1051ER, Envy 4-1051TU, Envy 4-1051TX, Envy 4-1052ER, Envy 4-1052TU, Envy 4-1052TX, Envy 4-1053TU, Envy 4-1053TX, Envy 4-1054TU, Envy 4-1054TX, Envy 4-1055ER, Envy 4-1055TU, Envy 4-1055TX, Envy 4-1056ER, Envy 4-1056TX, Envy 4-1057TX, Envy 4-1058TX, Envy 4-1059TX, Envy 4-1060EZ, Envy 4-1060TX, ENVY 4-1061TX, Envy 4-1062EF, Envy 4-1062SF, ENVY 4-1062TX, ENVY 4-1063TX, ENVY 4-1064TX, Envy 4-1065TX, Envy 4-1066TX, Envy 4-1070ef, Envy 4-1070EL, Envy 4-1070SF, Envy 4-1070sl, Envy 4-1075er, Envy 4-1075sr, Envy 4-1080EE, Envy 4-1080EO, Envy 4-1080EX, Envy 4-1080se, Envy 4-1080sx, Envy 4-1090ee, Envy 4-1090EO, Envy 4-1090SE, Envy 4-1090so, Envy 4-1100, Envy 4-11001TU, Envy 4-1100EB, Envy 4-1100ED, Envy 4-1100ee, Envy 4-1100EL, Envy 4-1100em, Envy 4-1100ES, Envy 4-1100ET, Envy 4-1100ex, Envy 4-1100SB, Envy 4-1100SE, Envy 4-1100SG, Envy 4-1100SL, Envy 4-1100sm, Envy 4-1100SS, Envy 4-1100ST, Envy 4-1100sx, Envy 4-1101EA, Envy 4-1101EO, Envy 4-1101ES, Envy 4-1101SA, Envy 4-1101SG, Envy 4-1101SS, Envy 4-1101TU, Envy 4-1101TX, Envy 4-1102ED, Envy 4-1102EE, Envy 4-1102EG, Envy 4-1102ES, Envy 4-1102se, Envy 4-1102SG, Envy 4-1102SS, Envy 4-1102TU, Envy 4-1102TX, Envy 4-1102XX, Envy 4-1103EA, Envy 4-1103EO, Envy 4-1103SA, Envy 4-1103TU, Envy 4-1103TX, Envy 4-1104TU, Envy 4-1104TX, Envy 4-1105DX, Envy 4-1105TU, Envy 4-1105TX, Envy 4-1106TU, Envy 4-1106TX, Envy 4-1107TU, Envy 4-1107TX, Envy 4-1108TU, Envy 4-1108TX, Envy 4-1109TU, ENVY 4-1109TX, Envy 4-1110EI, Envy 4-1110ET, Envy 4-1110ew, ENVY 4-1110sw, Envy 4-1110TU, Envy 4-1110TX, Envy 4-1110US, Envy 4-1111TU, Envy 4-1111TX, Envy 4-1112EA, Envy 4-1112SA, Envy 4-1112TU, Envy 4-1112TX, Envy 4-1113TU, Envy 4-1113TX, Envy 4-1114TU, Envy 4-1114TX, ENVY 4-1115DX, Envy 4-1115TU, Envy 4-1115TX, Envy 4-1116TU, Envy 4-1116TX, Envy 4-1117NR, Envy 4-1117TU, Envy 4-1117TX, Envy 4-1118TU, Envy 4-1118TX, Envy 4-1119TU, Envy 4-1119TX, Envy 4-1120EW, Envy 4-1120SW, Envy 4-1120TU, Envy 4-1121TU, Envy 4-1122TU, Envy 4-1123TU, Envy 4-1124TU, Envy 4-1125TU, Envy 4-1126TU, Envy 4-1127TU, Envy 4-1128TX, Envy 4-1129TU, ENVY 4-1130BR, Envy 4-1130EB, Envy 4-1130EI, Envy 4-1130EW, Envy 4-1130LA, Envy 4-1130SB, Envy 4-1130US, Envy 4-1150BR, Envy 4-1150EA, Envy 4-1150EC, Envy 4-1150er, Envy 4-1150EZ, Envy 4-1150LA, ENVY 4-1151ER, ENVY 4-1152ER, Envy 4-1152LA, Envy 4-1152SR, Envy 4-1155LA, Envy 4-1160EC, Envy 4-1161ER, Envy 4-1162EF, Envy 4-1162SF, Envy 4-1170ED, Envy 4-1170EF, Envy 4-1170EZ, Envy 4-1170SF, Envy 4-1180EF, Envy 4-1180SF, Envy 4-1181EG, Envy 4-1193CA, Envy 4-1195CA, Envy 4-1200, Envy 4-1200EB, Envy 4-1200ED, Envy 4-1200EL, Envy 4-1200EO, Envy 4-1200ez, Envy 4-1201EA, Envy 4-1201NR, Envy 4-1201TX, Envy 4-1202EA, Envy 4-1202ED, Envy 4-1202EO, Envy 4-1202EX, Envy 4-1202sg, Envy 4-1202SS, Envy 4-1202SX, Envy 4-1202TX, Envy 4-1203EA, Envy 4-1203EE, Envy 4-1203NR, Envy 4-1203SA, Envy 4-1203TX, Envy 4-1204EA, ENVY 4-1204SA, ENVY 4-1204ss, Envy 4-1204TU, Envy 4-1204TX, Envy 4-1205DX, Envy 4-1205EE, Envy 4-1205SS, Envy 4-1205TX, Envy 4-1206TU, Envy 4-1207TU, Envy 4-1208TU, Envy 4-1209TX, Envy 4-1210EG, Envy 4-1210EI, Envy 4-1210EW, Envy 4-1210SG, Envy 4-1210SW, Envy 4-1210TU, Envy 4-1211TX, Envy 4-1212TU, Envy 4-1214TU, Envy 4-1214TX, Envy 4-1215DX, Envy 4-1215TX, Envy 4-1216TU, ENVY 4-1217TU, Envy 4-1218TU, Envy 4-1219TU, Envy 4-1220TX, Envy 4-1221TU, Envy 4-1221TX, Envy 4-1222TU, Envy 4-1223TU, Envy 4-1224TX, Envy 4-1225TU, Envy 4-1226TX, Envy 4-1227TU, Envy 4-1227TX, Envy 4-1228TX, Envy 4-1229TX, Envy 4-1230EB, Envy 4-1230TU, Envy 4-1231TU, Envy 4-1232TU, Envy 4-1233TU, Envy 4-1234TU, Envy 4-1235ea, Envy 4-1235sa, Envy 4-1235TU, Envy 4-1236sa, Envy 4-1236TU, Envy 4-1236TX, Envy 4-1237TX, Envy 4-1238TX, Envy 4-1239TU, Envy 4-1240TX, Envy 4-1241TU, Envy 4-1242TU, Envy 4-1243TU, Envy 4-1244TX, Envy 4-1245TU, Envy 4-1246TX, Envy 4-1247TU, Envy 4-1250EF, Envy 4-1250EZ, Envy 4-1250SF, Envy 4-1252LA, Envy 4-1255ER, Envy 4-1256ER, Envy 4-1257ER, Envy 4-1257SR, Envy 4-1260EF, Envy 4-1260ER, Envy 4-1260SF, Envy 4-1262EF, Envy 4-1262SF, ENVY 4-1267sz, Envy 4-1270ER, Envy 4-1270EZ, Envy 4-1271ER, Envy 4-1272ER, Envy 4-1273ER, Envy 4-1279sf, Envy 4-1280EF, Envy 4-1280SF, Envy 4-1281EF, Envy 4-1282EF, Envy 4-1282SF, Envy 4-1283EG, Envy 4-1289sl, Envy 4-1290ET, Envy 4-1290ST, Envy 4-1291ee, Envy 4-1291EX, Envy 4-1291se, Envy 4-1291SX, Envy 4T-1000, ENVY 4T-1000 Series, Envy 4T-1100, Envy 4T-1100 CTO, Envy 4T-1200, Envy 4T-1200 CTO, Envy TouchSmart 4.






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